Startups Magazine: The Cereal Entrepreneur

Cereal Entrepreneur: Introduction

Episode Summary

A short introduction from Startups Magazine editor, Anna Flockett about the aims and discussions of the series.

Episode Notes

Welcome to The Cereal Entrepreneur!  Grab your cup of tea and join us as we dig in to the startups who  are changing the world. Kicking things off we will be shining a light on all those startups who have adapted to support the COVID-19 crisis. Sit back, listen & enjoy!

Episode Transcription

Cereal entrepreneur.

Hello, and welcome to Startup Magazines new podcast series, the Cereal Entrepreneur, as a printed online magazine dedicated to tech startups within this podcast we will be covering a number of aspects, including talking to technology startups themselves, to get their stories and journeys out there to the world, as well as talking to industry experts who can shed light and give advice in a number of areas that startups will go through. However, to start this off, we decided to do a mini-series, based on the current climate focused on tech startups themselves that have adapted their businesses and they are now helping in the COVID-19 crisis in one way or another. There are so many amazing people out there doing so much help that we wanted to share their stories. So please sit back, listen and enjoy

Cereal Entrepreneur.